Ernest Cline

Man, just when I thought balancing my time was easy—I realize, it's not.  A piece of advice for myself: don't listen to other people who claim to be experts on things.  They're not.  It reminds me of an Ernest Cline video that I really like called "Dance Monkey Dance."  A matter of fact, here it is:

I posted this video many many years ago on all of my social media because the message felt real and true to me.  To this day, I still watch this video and it resonates with me.

We must all learn to listen to our own hearts.

This year, Ernest Cline has a new movie out called "Ready Player One."  It is being directed by one of my childhood heroes: Steven Spielberg.  Ernest is good art and good art speaks for itself.

I am a small grain of sand supporting the weight of his accomplishments as an artist, and I'm proud to be that.

- Mike