MVPPP Foundation

Okay everyone...  in my own opinion, I think that I have a pretty brutal sense of humor.  I still do.  I just don't share it as much as I used to (it can offend)—especially in so far as it pertains to poking fun at other people.  

I have had a blog for several years of my life, and this was a blog that I posted while I was out on my second or third tour up the west coast.  I think at some point, I erased it from my blog because I thought that it was in poor taste—what I did below.  What can I say?  I like to laugh, and laughed so fucking hard when I wrote this.  Really hard.  I'm a horrible person.  Right?

You tell me.  Let's discuss.

If you don't get the gist of the joke below, I too enjoy smoking weed (I just made myself laugh).  I just don't do it that often.  I ain't judgin' no one.  Marijuana is so much fun—and in all seriousness, my best friend nearly tore his arm off in a motorcycle accident, and now has a fully functional arm because of marijuana (he used no opiates during his very painful recovery).  Don't believe me?  Ask him all about it.  However, I digress (I'm just saying I believe in weed).

Hi Everyone,

I would like to introduce you to an acquaintance of mine from San Francisco, California.  This is Steve:


Steve is a “Pot-less Pothead”.  While walking the streets of Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco, you might run across SEVERAL, if not a DOZEN of these deprived and destitute folk just like Steve, starving for their next bong rip.  The sadness that pervades from his story is all too grim; Steve simply doesn’t have the funds to pack another bowl.  His THC starvation could inevitably lead to a day of sobriety or perhaps, even worse, to a local book store for a cup of coffee or a good read in order to pass his time.

However, you can help!  Make a small donation to the Mike Vitale Pot for Pot-less Potheads Foundation (MVPPP Foundation).

The MVPPP Foundation has already helped several people just like Steve to maintain their daily habits in order to continue their useless and meaningless existence in the face of mankind!  A few dollars a day can help people just like Steve to successfully blind fold themselves with a small piece of dental floss, play video games, eat vast amounts of junk food, watch infomercials, and laugh at jokes that really aren’t that funny or clever, all while enjoying their Scoobie Snacks.  With your small charitable donation, we can keep people just like Steve as high as a kite with absolutely no clue what to do with their lives!

Charitable donations can be made with, well—weed. Please make all donations payable to:

The Mike Vitale Pot for Pot-less Potheads Foundation

P.O. Box 3064

Fullerton, CA 92834

Make a difference.  Join the Mike Vitale Pot for Pot-less Potheads Foundation today!  End the hunger.

~ Mike


Greetings from San Francisco - More blogs from the road to come so stay tuned!