Between the Bars by Elliott Smith


I had a friend and guitar student many years ago that first introduced me to Elliott Smith. I had heard of Elliott and his music several times from different people, and this friend was the one I finally listened to, caved, and bought everything that he had released at that point.

You know come to think of it, I look back on a lot of my friend’s recommendations, and smile, because they all have remained in a special location of my own heart. He turned me on to D’Angelo too.

However it was immediately apparent listening to Elliott’s music that he was a wounded and struggling soul, who carried around so much burden—but he did what makes any artist truly special: he/she become the voice of those who can not quite eloquently articulate his/her emotions or feelings.

The man struggled with addiction, and this song, from as far as I can tell, is about being an addict, seduced by a bottle of alcohol, like a lover. Powerful words and heart in this tune. He reduced me to tears the first time I heard it back in 1998 or so, having no idea what the song was about.

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