Don't Tell Our Friends About Me


Today is a bit of a rarity for me—in so much as I have had the whole day to myself... and I have no gig this evening—so I thought, what the hell, I'll make one more cover video for y'all.  This one is by singer/songwriter and guitarist pyrotechnician mad scientist: Blake Mills.

He's a hell of a songwriter, and a damn fine guitarist as well.  The guy can play.  You'll see what I mean if you go down the Blake Mills Youtube rabbit hole one night while eating frozen yogurt on the sofa in your pajamas at 2am.  No one's judging you. Do your thing.

I've had a marvelous day practicing this song and trying to learn it to the best of my ability.  I did get one line in the song wrong.  I'll give myself 100 lashings for this musical sin like a sad character from a Dan Brown novel, after I eat some more frozen yogurt (in reality I haven’t had frozen yogurt in months). Sad face.

Did everyone have a good Christmas?  I hope so.

I'm going to go shop for some more flannel right now, because suddenly it got really cold here in southern California.  Please excuse my brevity.  I hope this finds everyone smiling and well, eating frozen yogurt, shopping for their own flannel, going down Youtube rabbit holes, and listening to some Blake Mills.

Ta ta,



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This video has expletives in it, so beware.


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