I'll tell you what, at 38 years old, I don't know shit.

I would like to think of myself as being a smart guy, but in actuality, the one constant I do know, is that with every passing year, I realize I know less and less than I did the year before. Do you ever feel that way too? I mean, to me, its more than a feeling—it's a near certainty that almost seems to make sense in some sort of strange-out-of-focus-kind-of way.

And with all this near-sighted and far-sighted talk that I just sort of conjured up, life, in all of its wackiness, is very dependent on how one perceives it.

Take that humorous example above. We have all heard the notion that the glass is half full or half empty, but leave it to comedy to show us what the truth is.

I started off seeing things glass half empty this morning, and then decided, nope, it's always full.  I will work hard to maintain this outlook, mentally.  I hope you do too—and that you smile.  Life is too short not to.