OC Weekly Write-Up on Me

Mike Vitale 0001

Oh shit, I'm in the newspaper, mom.

Nate Jackson with OC Weekly and OC Weekly Music, did a write up on me and it goes to press next week.  However, it was released today, online.

Here is a link to read the full article if you're interested in doing such:


The article explores my recent activities using the live streaming app Periscope to broadcast my shows from home and from gigs that I am playing around town.

I also talk about how I am using Patreon to crowdsource my music releases.  I've had a steady stream of new music releases since May of this year.  My new single No Vacancy is available everywhere you listen to music, so feel free to check it out.

Periscope Schedule

Don't let the title fool you. This post has nothing to do with my Periscope live stream schedule for the next three days:

Friday July 27th 2018 - Parker's Lighthouse in Long Beach - 6pm to 9pm

Saturday July 28th 2018 - Lil' Simmzy's in El Segundo - 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Sunday July 29th 2018 - Sol Cocina in Newport Beach - 12pm to 3pm.


Nope. Let's talk about me doing pushups.

That's right. I do pushups. Now you may be asking yourself, self, why is Mike doing pushups?  It's a valid question—and there could be a lot of answers—like, maybe I'm training to become a male cat model for cat food commercials.  Sure, I might not be attractive enough for human consumption, but—I think I have what it takes to really dominate the cat market in food commercials. I'm gonna have the physique (working on it). I mean, come on. Look at this pushup regimen:

Monday - Lots of pushups

Tuesday - Lots of pushups

Wednesday - even more pushups


I hate the taste of cat food, but I'll get used to it.

Glue some whiskers on my face and I'll curl up on your lap.


- Mike

Mike Vitale is now on Periscope

Have you ever thought, self, if I were to have a window into Mike Vitale's living room so that I can listen to him whine into a microphone for hours on end—what might that look/sound like?  Well, look no further.  I joined Periscope It's actually quite a bit of fun!  I've been making friends on there and finding lots and lots of people who genuinely enjoy the music I write.  You can join us there online.  I have been live streaming many of the shows that I play AND I have also been broadcasting from my living room.  Come join us!

If you have a twitter account or a Facebook account, it is very easy to join (it literally took me 5 seconds to join VIA twitter).

Here is my Twitter handle:  


AND here is my Periscope handle (you can also click that image above and it will take you to my periscope page to follow me:


Once you have an account setup through your twitter or Facebook, you can setup push notifications to let you know when I am live streaming music directly to your phone.  

See you there!

- Mike