Running Away From Home

I think I wrote this song in 2015 or so. It’s a story about running away from home in second grade because I wanted to be a werewolf after watching Teen Wolf starring Michael J Fox. I invited my friend Brandon Kite to join me at 4am in the morning. We made it all the way to the outskirts of Visalia before we were picked up a by a Police officer. I was trying to head to Sequoia National Park because I was under the impression there were wolves there, and if I were to drink the water from a wolves’ footprint, it would turn me into a werewolf (that was info from a Scholastic Magazine).

For the record, I tried drinking the water from a dog’s footprint, first: didn’t work. At any rate, this was my Christmas gift to my mom and dad, because I never bothered explaining this story to them, when I was brought back home by the police. Not their fault. Some kids want red fire trucks. I wanted to be a werewolf (or an astronaut... or a park ranger); what can I say? This is available to watch in my IGTV and you can find on Youtube as well. There is a link in my profile for the song with my friends Frank, Tom, and Brad playing on it. I used this song to raise a little bit of money for the Michael J Fox Parkinson’s research foundation.

Running Away From Home 
Words and Music: Mike Vitale 

watching the movie Teen Wolf put the notion in my head 
that being human's boring and I'd rather be a werewolf instead 
but knowing getting bit by one could be a difficult proposition 
I reckoned that the wilderness would improve this disposition 

so we lit out at dawn for the mountains in the distance 
my best friend Brandon along in tow no doubt from my insistence 
1985 was the year of our independence 
two empty seats in a second grade class while the teachers calling attendance 

but there's no need to worry 
I've got everything I need 
a sandwich and a blanket 
and the will to succeed 
I'm heading towards the hills 
where all the lone wolves roam 
so long momma, I'm running away from home 

in order to ensure a proper werewolf transformation 
my days before departure were spent researching Scholastic publication 
and according to my sources folklore lent it several options 
all of which I applied myself to their immediate adoption 

one of which involved drinking water from a werewolf footprint 
but since that wasn't handy I felt a dog's would be sufficient 
and when the full-moon changing never came I was left with one volition 
to pursue a pack of wolves to bring my dreams into fruition 

but there's no need to worry 
I've got everything I need 
I would have asked for your approval 
but I knew you'd never agree 
I'm heading towards the hills 
where all the lone wolves roam 
so long momma, I'm running away from home 

and getting to the foothills would be a days worth of travel 
but getting spotted by adults would make my well-laid plans unravel 
and knowing we wouldn't make it far walking streets in broad daylight
we walked the inner parts of canals to keep us out of sight 

the sun was near to setting and my plan was sitting pretty 
Brandon and I had one street left to reach the outskirts of the city 
yet one small problem remained and left Brandon and I debating 
the portal that would lead us beneath the street was covered by metal grating 

but there's no need to worry 
we've got everything we need 
we can climb this chainlink fence 
and then you and I will be home free 
we're heading towards the hills 
where all the lone wolves roam 
so long momma, I'm running away from home 

and just as we reached the top of the fence a squad car changed the setting 
the officer rolled down his window and asked where we were heading 
we pointed towards the mountains and he got a twinkle in his eye 
he said, "man, that's a long ways away boys, hop in, I'll give you a ride." 

but there's no need to worry 
I've got everything I need 
a sandwich and a blanket 
and the will to succeed 
I'm heading towards the hills 
where all the lone wolves roam 
so long momma, I'm running away from home

Latchkey Kid (Live at Studio 333) PREVIEW and RELEASE SHOW TOMORROW!

I’m very excited to be releasing a new live video next week on all my social media: Youtube, Facebook, and so forth. Here is a sample of it. It’s a song off of my self titled EP from 2014, called “Latchkey Kid.” We tracked this song live at Studio 333 in Cerritos, CA on January 17th 2019. It features Frank Reina on drums, Tom Bremer on guitar, and Paul Jones on bass. We are going to be celebrating the release of this video tomorrow night (FEB 27th 2019) in Long Beach at The Wine Bar on Ocean Ave. if you feel like coming out to support; music starts at 7pm. There is no cover; it’s a free show. I’m honored to have my friends Alyssandra Nighswonger, Honest Horse and Taylor Crawford joining me to share their beautiful music. We would be stoked to have you there, and I would adore the opportunity to see some friends in the area if it’s in the cards. Thank you to Monika Lightstone for making this video with me. You are amazing and I am thankful to have you as a friend. Thanks to Ryan Lipman for the lovely mix.

Upcoming February Shows in Southern California


I do graphic design—very poorly. Here are two flyers I made, advertising two shows I am playing this month.

This one is for a show in Los Angeles next week on Thursday February 21st 2019 on the western hemisphere of Earth.

This is the part of this post where I continue to regurgitate information off of this flyer.

Show starts at 8pm. No cover.

Lot 1 Cafe

1533 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles CA

Playing some muzak I wrote with Marcus Von Rittberg and Daniel Blake. Coincidentally, they will be doing the exact same thing


And then there’s this show on Wednesday February 27th 2019. This one I am playing with a band. A really great band. Frank Reina on drums. Tom Bremer on guitar. Paul Jones on bass.

It’s going to be in Long Beach, which just so happens to be in the same hemisphere as Los Angeles, on planet Earth.

We’ll be playing at The Wine Bar. It’s a bar. They serve wine there. They also host a lot of original music. It’s a great hang. You should swing by if you feel obliged to. No cover.

I’ll be joined by Honest Horse, Alyssandra Nighswonger, and Taylor Crawford, who are all so lovely and so talented, and I’m very thankful to have them playing.

We would be stoked to have you. Music starts at 7pm. The band and I go on at 9pm.

Fool For You (Live at Hotel Cafe)

Here is me performing a song I wrote live at Hotel Cafe in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. My friend Monika Lightstone found this on her hard drive the other day, and shared—I thought I would follow suit.

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words and music by Mike Vitale

the touch of your skin against mine 
was flawless and supine 
as I read your story in braille 

my resolve was as frail 
as that tall tale that lingered from my tongue 
now I'm all twisted up 
like a towel that's been wrung 

maybe it's the conversation we had in bed 
maybe i just want to see your eyes roll back in your head 
maybe you're a drag from a stranger's cigarette 
but once i've got you on my lips 
you're hard to forget 

and now that you've got me where you want 
you're moving from hot to cool 
and now that you've got me where you want 
woman, i'm a fool for you 

feeling your chest heave 
as you're lying there asleep 
now I'm bating every breath 
so that the moment isn't cheap 

are you resolved to entail 
a large sail to guide me away 
on some nautical course 
that perhaps I'd rather stay 

maybe you're just playing hard to get 
or perhaps you just want me to forget 
maybe I'm a marionette on strings 
trying to measure your depth beyond anatomy 

and now that you've got me where you want 
you're moving from hot to cool 
and now that you've got me where you want 
woman, i'm a fool for you 

and now that you've got me where you want 
you're moving from hot to cool 
and now that you've got me where you want 
woman, i'm a fool for you

Empty Circle (Live From My Living Room)

Here is a live video of me performing a tune about being dumped right after Christmas.  Hey, there is never a good time to get dumped.  It might as well be after Christmas.

I am very proud of this song.  It's a piece of my life.  Perhaps you might relate to it.  Perhaps not.  It is without a doubt, one of my favorite songs that I have written.

As always, thank you so very much for making this such a special year for me.  

I am working very diligently on my social media presence at the moment.  Namely Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so if you feel like connecting on any of those formats, I would be thrilled. Links can be found at the very bottom of this message.  Also, if any of this stuff that I am posting is good, please share.  I would be honored.  Word of mouth.  On social media.  Whatever you fancy.  Sharing is the biggest and best thing you can ever do for me.

All my love,


Periscope Schedule

Don't let the title fool you. This post has nothing to do with my Periscope live stream schedule for the next three days:

Friday July 27th 2018 - Parker's Lighthouse in Long Beach - 6pm to 9pm

Saturday July 28th 2018 - Lil' Simmzy's in El Segundo - 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Sunday July 29th 2018 - Sol Cocina in Newport Beach - 12pm to 3pm.

Nope. Let's talk about me doing pushups.

That's right. I do pushups. Now you may be asking yourself, self, why is Mike doing pushups?  It's a valid question—and there could be a lot of answers—like, maybe I'm training to become a male cat model for cat food commercials.  Sure, I might not be attractive enough for human consumption, but—I think I have what it takes to really dominate the cat market in food commercials. I'm gonna have the physique (working on it). I mean, come on. Look at this pushup regimen:

Monday - Lots of pushups

Tuesday - Lots of pushups

Wednesday - even more pushups


I hate the taste of cat food, but I'll get used to it.

Glue some whiskers on my face and I'll curl up on your lap.


- Mike

Record Store Day Performance - Youtube

Here is a live video of me performing my song TIME MACHINE in Long Beach, CA.  This was an In-Store performance on Record Store Day, April 21st 2018, at Dyzzy on Vinyl.

If you dig it, please help me share the video!  Thanks to our very own Megan from here on Patreon, for capturing the footage and sharing it!  

If you dig this, you can find more by visiting my Youtube Channel here:

Mike Vitale and Tom Bremer play guitar and sing—at the same time! (in Long Beach)

Mike Vitale 8659.JPG

TODAY (Wed June 20th 2018), before our circus act later in the evening—the one where we put my head in the mouth of a live tiger—Tom and I will attempt the impossible: "to sing and play guitar together, at the same time, while broadcasting on Periscope, at a Holiday Inn, in Long Beach, in the penthouse restaurant THE VUE, while reading a 1980's issue of Penthouse magazine." All of this will be performed in front of a live audience, who does not care. Come. Drink. Don't care with us, together. Because, people who don't care, together, really don't give a shit, together—with a GREAT view of Long Beach.

Here is an event invite. Don't look at it though. Okay, you can look at it:

We'll be playing songs from my new album EMPTY CIRCLE. Here are links to various streamlining services and digital distribution outlets to get your feet muddy with Mike and Tom. Make sure take off your shoes before you come in the hou... damn you. Look what you just did to the carpet??!

The Nerve (Live at The Mint) - Mike Vitale and The Chemicals

Guess what?! We played a release show last week for my new single “Gone” at The Mint in Los Angeles. It was a fun night! Not everyone could make it out, so our very own Megan from here on Patreon, took some really awesome footage, that I will be sharing over the coming weeks. This is the first of many—it was also the first song of the night. It’s called The Nerve. It’s a tune about my feelings. Please know, I am so very appreciative of everything that y’all do. Taking the time to record footage like this, and sharing it, means more to me than I can properly express in words. You’re propagating the things I am writing and making—and also affording me the opportunity to use $5 words like, propagate. My deepest gratitude. Now, excuse me while I watch my laundary. Someone took my clothes out of the drier earlier and used my quarters to dry their clothes, because they are cunning creatures full of creative ways to use other people’s quarters.


I am playing a solo acoustic show celebrating the release of my new full length acoustic duo album entitled EMPTY CIRCLE

This is the third year in a row that I have played this particular backyard, and let me tell you: it's a good time and I would be honored to have you there.  Yes you.  You reading this. Here is the skinny:



Saturday June 2nd 2018


305 Nieto Ave. Long Beach, CA

$10 suggested donation.  Music starts at 5pm.

All ages welcome and you will be surrounded by wonderful people there who are kind and polite and have a great sense of humor, so please do not feel as if you would not be welcome.  You will be, with open arms.  Trust me on that.

Here is a write up that the Long Beach Independent did to advertise for the show June 2nd 2018:

If you are interested in checking out the new acoustic album, it is available for purchase and streaming at these fine online locations:

Mike Vitale is now on Periscope

Have you ever thought, self, if I were to have a window into Mike Vitale's living room so that I can listen to him whine into a microphone for hours on end—what might that look/sound like?  Well, look no further.  I joined Periscope It's actually quite a bit of fun!  I've been making friends on there and finding lots and lots of people who genuinely enjoy the music I write.  You can join us there online.  I have been live streaming many of the shows that I play AND I have also been broadcasting from my living room.  Come join us!

If you have a twitter account or a Facebook account, it is very easy to join (it literally took me 5 seconds to join VIA twitter).

Here is my Twitter handle:

AND here is my Periscope handle (you can also click that image above and it will take you to my periscope page to follow me:

Once you have an account setup through your twitter or Facebook, you can setup push notifications to let you know when I am live streaming music directly to your phone.  

See you there!

- Mike

Hotel Cafe on June 7th 2017

I'm playing a full band show at The Hotel Cafe on Wednesday June 7th at 8pm. I've got Frank Reina and Brad Cummings as a rhythm section.  Damn.  These guys are fucking incredible.

The show is 21+ and it's $10 at the door.

Scott Mickelson is going to be in town from San Francisco, CA playing at 7pm.  He is a great singer songwriter and totally worth checking out.  Come early!

Advanced tickets are available by clicking the image to your left, or the link below: