Upcoming February Shows in Southern California


I do graphic design—very poorly. Here are two flyers I made, advertising two shows I am playing this month.

This one is for a show in Los Angeles next week on Thursday February 21st 2019 on the western hemisphere of Earth.

This is the part of this post where I continue to regurgitate information off of this flyer.

Show starts at 8pm. No cover.

Lot 1 Cafe

1533 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles CA

Playing some muzak I wrote with Marcus Von Rittberg and Daniel Blake. Coincidentally, they will be doing the exact same thing


And then there’s this show on Wednesday February 27th 2019. This one I am playing with a band. A really great band. Frank Reina on drums. Tom Bremer on guitar. Paul Jones on bass.

It’s going to be in Long Beach, which just so happens to be in the same hemisphere as Los Angeles, on planet Earth.

We’ll be playing at The Wine Bar. It’s a bar. They serve wine there. They also host a lot of original music. It’s a great hang. You should swing by if you feel obliged to. No cover.

I’ll be joined by Honest Horse, Alyssandra Nighswonger, and Taylor Crawford, who are all so lovely and so talented, and I’m very thankful to have them playing.

We would be stoked to have you. Music starts at 7pm. The band and I go on at 9pm.

Fool For You (Live at Hotel Cafe)

Here is me performing a song I wrote live at Hotel Cafe in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. My friend Monika Lightstone found this on her hard drive the other day, and shared—I thought I would follow suit.

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words and music by Mike Vitale

the touch of your skin against mine 
was flawless and supine 
as I read your story in braille 

my resolve was as frail 
as that tall tale that lingered from my tongue 
now I'm all twisted up 
like a towel that's been wrung 

maybe it's the conversation we had in bed 
maybe i just want to see your eyes roll back in your head 
maybe you're a drag from a stranger's cigarette 
but once i've got you on my lips 
you're hard to forget 

and now that you've got me where you want 
you're moving from hot to cool 
and now that you've got me where you want 
woman, i'm a fool for you 

feeling your chest heave 
as you're lying there asleep 
now I'm bating every breath 
so that the moment isn't cheap 

are you resolved to entail 
a large sail to guide me away 
on some nautical course 
that perhaps I'd rather stay 

maybe you're just playing hard to get 
or perhaps you just want me to forget 
maybe I'm a marionette on strings 
trying to measure your depth beyond anatomy 

and now that you've got me where you want 
you're moving from hot to cool 
and now that you've got me where you want 
woman, i'm a fool for you 

and now that you've got me where you want 
you're moving from hot to cool 
and now that you've got me where you want 
woman, i'm a fool for you

If I Only Had a Brain - Harry Connick Jr., Harold Arlen, Yip Harburg


I just got done taking a master class from a young Harry Connick Jr.. I’ve been working on transcribing his version of “If I Only Had a Brain” from the album 20. In my own humble opinion, it’s a masterpiece, and I cried the first time I accidentally listened to it. I was so moved by its grace, that I knew I needed to learn it and sing it.

It’s a beautiful piece of music to begin with, but Connick’s use of chord substitution is pretty cool and sophisticated—he also creates some beautiful tension in his chord voicings, using many terse intervals such as m2 and M2 in his chord inversions, which are my favorite. Lots of suspensions. I learned a lot. I learned too much. Still trying to absorb the information. Bottom line, it just sounds boss (in a very touching and emotional manner), despite all the bullshit jargon I just prattled off: that’s what I’m after. That’s what I got.

I did my own thing with it and deviated from his arrangement as I saw fit.

I recorded the vocals using an AT4033 and SM57 on the guitar amp. If you dig it, please like the video and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. The support is invaluable and deeply appreciated.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone on Patreon for helping me to make these videos

The Nerve (Live at The Mint) - Mike Vitale and The Chemicals

Guess what?! We played a release show last week for my new single “Gone” at The Mint in Los Angeles. It was a fun night! Not everyone could make it out, so our very own Megan from here on Patreon, took some really awesome footage, that I will be sharing over the coming weeks. This is the first of many—it was also the first song of the night. It’s called The Nerve. It’s a tune about my feelings. Please know, I am so very appreciative of everything that y’all do. Taking the time to record footage like this, and sharing it, means more to me than I can properly express in words. You’re propagating the things I am writing and making—and also affording me the opportunity to use $5 words like, propagate. My deepest gratitude. Now, excuse me while I watch my laundary. Someone took my clothes out of the drier earlier and used my quarters to dry their clothes, because they are cunning creatures full of creative ways to use other people’s quarters.

GONE now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all Digital Retails Locations

Today is the big day!  I have been working on releasing new music, that I produced myself, with the help of some very talented musician friends:  Frank Reina, Brad Cummings, Tom Bremer, and Anthony Castiglia.  Much of the audio was captured by either myself or Frank Reina.  The mix was done by Ryan Lipman and the mastering was handled by Mark Chalecki. Artwork is by Alper Yesiltas.

In all honesty, it has taken way too long to release this music.  On the flip side, I'm not exactly rolling in the dough, either.  Thanks to my friends on PATREON and to saving up their contributions, I was able to release this tune as well as prepare several more that I will hopefully be releasing in rapid succession (once a month) over the course of this year.  This is the first on many.

Here is a link to find several of the places where you can either purchase or stream this song:

We will be celebrating the release of this song on THURSDAY JUNE 14th at THE MINT in Los Angeles.  The show starts at 9:30PM.  My friend Marcus Von Rittberg will be performing a set at 9:30pm and I will be playing a set with Frank Reina on drums, Tom Bremer on electric guitar, and Paul Jones on bass at 10:30pm.  Tickets are available in advance for $10 here:  

June 14th 2018 - The Mint 6010 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.  Music starts at 9:30PM.

Thank you to everyone for their kindness, love, and support.  I am deeply appreciative of the positive vibes and energy.

- Mike

Long Beach Independent

I recently had the opportunity get some press for my new  acousitc album EMPTY CIRCLE by the Long Beach Independent.  Here is a link to checkout the article below.  Thank you kindly to Jewell for the interview!